South Asia (India and Nepal) - British Isles (UK and the Republic of Ireland) and Malta business & trade supportive services & consultancy, including tourism, arts and culture related international initiatives and partnerships support.  

Services provided: 

Main types of services

For India, the services will be provided by Mr Pritheepal Singh, with Dhaaranaa Ltd, under One Community Hampshire and Dorset (where Mr Singh is CEO), providing support.  Services in India will therefore be provided on an agreement basis by OCHD with Dhaaranaa Ltd as the key UK and Ireland support partner.

Some particulars:

For supportive services in regard to business partnerships, and on MoU (Memorandum of Understanding [a main requirement for India and Nepal businesses working with international/Western business partners], Agreements [and Non-Disclosure Agreements where technology information sharing & related is concerned] support, basis. 

Specific economic sectors business partnerships, investment, and trade that Dhaaranaa Enterprises & Consultancy Ltd are detailed at the end of the Expertise and Networks context to services information below. 

·        For UK and Republic of Ireland language colleges & universities: Being your go to connection point for support with and outreach to Indian and Nepal universities and language colleges regarding Indian or Nepali English language to university undergraduate to graduate students seeking to study in the UK or Ireland. I have direct highest-level relations with a number of Nepal’s most important established universities, and with language schools & colleges.  Our India partner (see below) has major direct vice chancellor and owner and principal established relations with universities and colleges.

·        International employment recruitment solutions for EU &Ireland and UK international HR agencies and companies and organisations with direct interest in quality assured, ethical recruitment from both India and Nepal (medical and healthcare, etc.)

·        Providing need-to-know guidance in regard to bilateral trade and business partnerships between British Isles (Ireland & the UK) and India SME and MSME, and Nepal SME and MSME businesses regarding effective doing business communications and bilateral (East & West) cultural awareness factors

·        British Isles to South Asia Tourism sector related: connecting and advisory services

·        South Asia Culture and Arts, and Artisanship related:  connecting and advisory services

Tourism, and Culture, Arts, Artisanship:

Tourism, culture and the Arts and artisanship are substantially interlinked.  In South Asia (India and Nepal) this is especially the case. Dhaaranaa Ltd is very actively engaged in this field from grassroots to strategic policy levels, and has very extensive networks in the creative sector and tourism sector in Nepal (through Alan), whilst in India through OCHD directly through Mr Pritheepal Singh there are comparable level networks and passion for connecting both UK and Ireland creative communities (and business sectors) and relevant tourism businesses, with mutually beneficial South Asia – British Isles culture and arts tourism opportunities.


For more information please email at or call on +44 (0)7811 269 454

Expertise and Networks context to UK and Republic of Ireland – South Asia outreach services:


OCHD: In India Dhaaranaa Ltd services are provided exclusively under/through/in support to CEO of the One Community Hampshire and Dorset (OCHD) organisation, Mr Pritheepal Singh.  Mr Singh’s networks in the political/governmental, business worlds and education and arts sectors in India are extensive, and cover a number of states, multiple universities, and partnerships.   In India, OCHD’s principal partner is JSRA Professionals LLP – see poster below from a recent national webinar facilitated by JSRA.

OCHD through Mr Pritheepal Singh (and in conjunction with relevant technical expertise from Dhaaranaa Ltd / Alan Mercel-Sanca) has extensive policy development connections at very senior state level and beyond.


Certificate of Participation to Dhaaranaa Ltd lead Alan Mercel-Sanca relating to the economic development webinar cited above, facilitated by JSRA, and enabled on the UK side by OCHD.





Context to services: Doing business in & with India context information

India is an established powerhouse economy with great and increasing importance in the world.  Covid 19 excepted its growth in GDP terms (estimated pre-Covid to be in the region of 6 – 6.5%) is outstanding and must be seen as a ‘must’ to work and do business and trade with because of the panorama of opportunities and sheer scale.  Two useful links are provided below:


Dhaaranaa Ltd outreach in Nepal is provided by Alan Mercel-Sanca through his extensive UK Nepal Friendship Society (UKNFS) context relationships and networks.  Included in these is also having a strong passion for Nepal tourism development and diversification; this including effective relationships at very senior government levels.

Similarly, in the Arts and Artisanship fields Dhaaranaa Ltd under/through Alan enjoys relations and connections from international level renowned artists and arts institutions and entities (from Nepal Art Council and Lalit Kala Arts Campus [TU]) including cutting edge contemporary arts centres (such as Bikalpa Arts Center, KTM), through to grassroots and emerging artists. This applies as well to artisanship, but also the Nepali culinary arts – Alan is the chief editor and compiler of a ground-breaking Nepali home cookery book, whose online information resource version will be appearing in or around January 2021 (it includes highest level notes of support).

My expertise involves extensive business, political/government relationships (image above from Nepal Development Conference [6] at the Embassy of Nepal, London, April 2019) developed over many years, and creation of very effective related and technical and economic sectors specialists’ networks in Nepal.

This built up over years to Prime Minister & ministerial and heads of national agencies, major banks at CEO & Chair and CEOs levels in regard to support on bilateral & international trade & business and tourism consultancy services for Western (UK, Ireland / EU, and Nth American) companies & organisations interested in Nepal and related South Asian markets for services provision, and import and export. 

I have been sought out by and work with for example, vice chancellors of some of Nepal’s top universities on English speaking world outreach to Western universities, and beyond academia, policy development & marketing, and in particular provided, on request assistance to the Nepal Tourism Board on tourism diversification & related marketing strategies, with these being implemented. 

Current areas of Dhaaranaa Ltd in Nepal context consultancy include but are not limited to:

·        healthcare & nursing, dentistry

·        the security sector (Gurkhas)

·        cleaning

·        South Asian cuisine catering / restaurants sector

·        hotels & hospitality


Context to services: Doing business in & with Nepal context information

Nepal’s economic growth and disposable income related contexts (please provide to relevant introductory contacts on trade & business initiatives & opportunities fronts):

Nepal’s economy was the second strongest in the world in 2017 (7.5% growth rate: and has been continuing this trend: the growth of the middle class in Nepal is and continues to be very extensive indicating its relevance and significance for trade & business opportunities:


For more information please email at or call on +44 (0)7811 269 454