Alan Mercel-Sanca – Vision, Guiding perspectives, Expertise & Experience


Alan As creator of  Dhaaranaa Ltd that enables as a business solutions and consultancy (E&D and Nepal/international trade & business solutions) mechanism those across both the UK and Republic of Ireland and in Nepal, and from Nepal broader South Asia outreach & interests, our services are derived from two ultimately interrelated passions and related experience and expertise areas.  

One, regarding global perspective, the bigger Global picture, and the other respect for and knowledge about Diversity at micro to macro cultural and social levels. In brief, celebration of the interconnection of global humanity, learning from not fearing difference, and forging exciting international level interconnections, particularly in the domains of education, transcultural learning and related personal development, and concomitant holistic and inclusive socio-economic, employment and wealth creation.

I believe SME and MSME levels of entrepreneurship deserve better support and a helping hand on connectivity at international & trade, business to business partnerships and consortia creation and development levels: Dhaaranaa provides that.

Dhaaranaa makes a difference! 

Through Alan, other extensive experience expertise of Dhaaranaa covers EDI (Equality & Diversity Inclusion) solutions.  

These relate to contexts for BAME (including international students) ethnic minorities, but also covers other diverse communities such as on inclusion and anti-discrimination for sexual & gender minorities (LGBT), and also disabilities. 

To those seeking effective voice and representation because of experience of direct & indirect discrimination and prejudice -- because of who they are, the colour of their skin, their surname, gender or gender self-identification (Trans), their religious or spiritual faiths & matters of conscience, or who they love (LGB / sexual orientation) or due to their level of English proficiency.  

For all businesses and organisations that care about meaningful, effective Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the great contribution diverse communities members bring in so many ways, Dhaaranaa can MAKE the DIFFERENCE!  

I combine this ‘making a tangible and enduring difference at personal, business and policy levels’ with a thoroughgoing ‘can do will do’ outlook, with a long and established record of tenacity, being a good listener and effective respectful advocate of the power of effective partnerships in business and also in equality & diversity policy change and activity.   

‘Learning from life and giving back to life through deeds not words’

To Live, not to exist is the challenge & opportunity, of the gift of Life – to truly live is to strive, suffer, trust oneself, be inspired by the countless marvels and perils of life. In as many words: to follow ones’ star.  Most of all Life is to accomplish and achieve as a friend to ones’ fellow man/woman – respecting his/her uniqueness/individuality -- and the world in which we live.  No one human being is better or lesser than another, and all have limitless potential to contribute to the rich tapestry of life woven by human endeavour and heroism, through which one develops oneself spiritually and attain maturity as a self-respecting, happy individual.

‘Factors enabling success in Business, and in E&D policy change & advocacy’

Correct motivation and good grasp of motivational factors in those you work with or [equality & inclusion consultancy and advocacy related] you have to challenge on practice & policy, combined with sound and tested strategy, partnership (and ‘allies’) working, self-confidence & self-trust, united to influencing and marketing/PR skills and a solid expertise & experience base, are in my experience the ingredients for success.

Alan Mercel-Sanca

Positions held (current & recent):



Alan has received many awards and recognitions of his work from diversity & inclusion in the UK to international/South Asian context education related achievement.  Two examples are included below:

In 2019 Alan was nominated for and subsequently shortlisted for the Personality of the Year category of the nationally important MTM Awards

In September 2020, Alan was given recognition by the prestigious Vidya Bharati organisation (India) for his contribution to the Government of India’s ‘National Education Policy’ (announced on 29th July 2020) as a ‘My NEP Ambassador’


Details on Alan’s expertise and work impacts are found on the E&D Consultancy section, and Education Consultancy, and the South Asia International Trade & Business services sections of the website.