South Asian (India and Nepal) international students recruitment for & to British Isles (UK and Ireland), university exchanges, internships, South Asian students support, and international students related policy development, and India’s ‘NEP’:



South Asia (India [via OCHD: see below] and Nepal) international students’ recruitment to UK and Republic of Ireland Higher Education institutes, and specialist colleges
⦁  South Asia Indian (through OCHD) and Nepali universities exchanges, research and innovation programmes, internships
⦁ South Asian international students studying in the British Isles information resources and supportive advocacy services
⦁ International students engagement and support policy development for HEIs in India, Nepal, the UK –
Covid 19 has witnessed the scale and seriousness of the needs for these services, with guidance being sought from both Dhaaranaa Ltd lead Alan Mercel-Sanca via the UKNFS, and jointly OCHD lead Mr Pritheepal Singh by a number of UK South Coast universities during the Coronovirus pandemic in regard to review of systems & communications international students dimension engagement
⦁ India’s National Education Policy (NEP) ‘Internationalisation at Home’
 implementation support – jointly Alan and Pritheepal are playing a significant part from universities and colleges to input to Government of India relevant mechanisms directions in support of successful implementation of the NEP (the most important change in education policy, especially at HEI level for almost 50 years and a flagship priority with the GOI).  This contribution has been recognised at very high levels in India, and opens under OCHD through Dhaaranaa Ltd important opportunities for British Isles HEIs and colleges

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Background & experience contexts:

Dhaaranaa Ltd provides South Asia region (Nepal and India) international students recruitment services, with Alan Mercel-Sanca being an authorised international students recruitment agent for the Bournemouth-based UK ETC Language College ( – further to international students welfare and support connections between Alan and ETC Principal Mr David Jones -- and his Dhaaranaa team colleague Pritheepal Singh (CEO of the One Community Hampshire and Dorset organisation: OCHD -- ). Mr Singh is the authorised representative for two Gujarat universities – Rastriya Raksha Shakti University and the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University – and with extensive connections at vice chancellor level to universities at a number of states across India, and a proud record of extensive recruitment of students from these and other Indian universities to UK South Coast universities. 

Alan has enabled in the 2013 – 2014 period, via the UK Nepal Friendship Society (UKNFS), a number of major Bournemouth University senior lecturer level programme visits to Nepal’s most renowned HEI, Tribhuvan University, He has extensive highest level connections with a number of universities and educational institutes in Nepal.

Under the UKNFS remit in conjunction with OCHD, Alan has in 2020 secured partnering and international students (India and Nepal) representative status with the renowned Brooke House College & Football Academy (Market Harborough) famous for its world-renowned football academy (  This relationship arising from Alan’s work under the UKNFS in successfully negotiating with the England FA (Wembley) a two-leg friendly international football match between England C Team and the Nepal National Team --  -- in which Alan and Brooke House Academy Football Academy independent advisor, Head of the National League System of the FA, Mr Laurence Jones established contact.

The Dhaaranaa Ltd connection through the work of Dhaaranaa’s lead Alan Mercel-Sanca, with international students’ recruitment is based on direct experience and expertise of many years (from 2009) standing in regard to engagement with international students of multiple nationalities on their particular support needs and international students advised information provision solutions for those needs. Alan held an honorary advisor [before commencing work – continuing – with the UK Nepali community] role with the Bournemouth University Chinese Students and Scholars Association in the early 2010’s as a result of his East Asian culture sharing multicultural learning work.  He still enjoys strong connections with Taiwan in the HEI and arts & culture sectors.


That experience and expertise includes students union international students societies creation, successful launch and development (including Bournemouth University’s ‘Bournemouth University Nepalese Society,’ and International art and Drawing Society at the same university, and a national level information resource for international students that received a supportive dedication from the then Ambassador of Nepal to the UK.  Concerning this resource, Dr Rajeeb Kumar Sah of Christchurch Canterbury University provided extensive research and review support: (dedication) -- (information resource).

What makes recruitment services provided by Dhaaranaa Ltd unique is that our service provision ethos transcends traditional profit/remuneration considerations, but is guided by the purpose of maximum assistance from the outset provided to both recruited student and the given that student is university placed with.  This involves clarity on key processes regulations and understanding of communication systems, thereby preventing misunderstandings costly in terms of time and reputation to both given student and HE institution: his expertise has been sought by a number of UK universities in regard to communications and processes issues adjustments and improvements regarding their international students engagement records.

Dhaaranaa, through its lead is also working with ETC Language College’s Principal on ground-breaking courses development in the nursing, healthcare and social care sectors with the college’s Principal with whom he has worked for many years on international students safeguarding and positive experiences of living and studying in the UK needs. 




The National Education Policy (NEP) of India – supportive images (OCHD enabled and in conjunction with JSRA Professionals LLP:


Certificates recognising Dhaaranaa Ltd lead Alan Mercel-Sanca and OCHD lead Pritheepal Singh as Vidya Bharati My NEP Ambassadors – Vidya Bharati originated in 2015 and is a very prestigious education policy informing entity in India – provided by Dr Rao, Vidya Bharati President



For more information please email at or call on +44 (0)7811 269 454