‘Dhaaranaa’ is a South Asian [Nepali] word for ‘Concept,’ chosen for the company name because a common thread in the three areas of our business services – E&D consultancy, Education services & Consultancy, and South Asia  – British Isles (Republic of Ireland, and the UK) international orientated business/trade/tourism/education supportive services.  Each starting with a Concept where potential is realised and unleashed through focus, need, expertise, and commonly dynamic partnerships. 

Dhaaranaa comprises two separate companies:

In the Republic of Ireland and for the broader EU: Republic of Ireland Companies Registration Office (CRO) Dhaaranaa Ltd Registration Number: 706901.

In the UK: UK Companies House, Dhaaranaa Enterprises & Consultancy Ltd Registration Number: 10207371


Dhaaranaa Enterprises & Consultancy Ltd is the creation of Alan Mercel-Sanca, and covers a range of business activities and solutions to needs and opportunities that range from:

1. Inclusion, equality & diversity in regard to HR and customer/service user experience for BAME and other Diverse Communities members in the UK, and at policy change and policy advocacy levels 

Through to:

2. Higher Education, colleges, and specialist education sectors international [South Asia – British Isles] partnerships and services provision, and

3. Specific business and international trade sectors connecting businesses from fashion & tailoring to employment solutions, to agriproducts and cutting edge cultural, arts, food, and health and wellbeing tourism development (South Asia). 

More details below.

There are three service provision areas provided by Dhaaranaa Ltd:

1. Equality & Diversity (UK orientated) – auditing, case support and policy advocacy & development, transcultural learning resources, E&D training


2. Education (international: UK, Ireland, India, Nepal) – international partnerships, exchanges, recruitment & representation, policy development, international students support


3. International, South Asia & British Isles (India, Nepal, UK, Ireland), trade & business  – connectivity, partnerships and initiatives enablement services


These service provision areas (UK orientated in the case of the first, and UK & international in the case of the second & third) are distinct, separate, but have some overlapping elements in regard to detailed knowledge & experience being crucial, and informing the quality and effectiveness of the services provided and related successful delivery and key connections and outreach networks involved.

The three different service provision areas also involve their own relevant outreach networks, and in some cases partnerships. 

In the case of Dhaaranaa Ltd services 2 & 3 (education, and international business, trade and other) These involve sub-contracting of aspects of service delivery to direct partnering experts and companies across the four countries.  These partners and experts are established, respected individuals and/or companies with experience and outreach that range from vice chancellors to ministerial and very senior government officials levels in India and Nepal.

Concerning 3. Dhaaranaa’s partners and service providers outreach also includes chambers of commerce (such as the through Dhaaranaa’s MD, the Ireland – Nepal Chamber of Commerce) and senior political and government officials, and in the case of the Arts, culture, artisanship extensive South Asian grassroots and emerging talent through to nationally and internationally recognised experts.

In regard to 1. Equality, Inclusion, Anti-Discrimination services in the UK, Dhaaranaa Ltd calls on its MD and initiator Alan Mercel-Sanca’s many years of expertise and experience in the domains of research, public services and private sector inclusion and anti-discrimination training and auditing, and Alan’s record of contributing a number of published submissions to a number of key UK Parliamentary Select Committees inquiries, and also academic papers.